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    For Love Or CountryVideo Wall Percobaan I, memutar video “For Love Or Country” (2000), diangkat dari kisah nyata perjalanan trompetis jazz asal Cuba meninggalkan negaranya untuk menetap di Amerika Serikat; Arturo Sandoval, dibintangi oleh Andy Garcia dan Gloria Estefan.

    Rating IMDB 7.1
    Story of the world-renowned trumpet player.
    Director: Joseph Sargent
    Writer: Timothy J. Sexton
    Stars: Andy Garcia, Mía Maestro and Gloria Estefan

    Ulasan seorang pengamat di IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base).

    Arturo Sandoval is one of the greatest jazz trumpeters ever, standing alongside the likes of Miles Davis, Louis Armstronmg and Arturo’s great friend Dizzie Gillespie. This biopic tells of his struggles with the repressive government of his native Cuba, the internal politics of his family and of course his need to play great music.

    Well acted, although there are no standard movie tricks and plot twists, just straight depiction of the people of Cuba of the time (early 80s) and the paranoia of the USA with anything Cuban.

    The really outstanding aspect of the movie is the souindtrack – Arturo himself plays many of the songs, and is credited with scoring and producing many of the tracks used, as well as playing on them.

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