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    Grover Washington Jr. 1983SABTU, 28 APRIL 2012.
    19.00 s/d/ Selesai

    “Menayangkan dua video dari pengusung-pengusung utama fusion pop, yang dikemudian hari akan “melahirkan” genre baru dalam sejarah musik jazz, genre yang kita kenal sekarang sebagai “smooth jazz”

    Product Description
    Multi Grammy Award-Winner Grover Washington, Jr. blends the best of jazz fusion, R&B, blues, funk, pop and soul to create his own innovative and distinctive musical voice. The hottest star in jazz-pop fusion, backed by an all-star band was captured in this rare concert appearance at the very peak of his powers.

    Grover paints the full musical spectrum. Watch him soar on “Winelight” and mesmerize us with his smash hit “Just the Two of Us.” Another highlight is a moving tribute to his friend Julius “Dr. J” Erving, which is inter-woven with NBA action clips of the basketball star. His passionate version of “Make Me a Memory,” written for his wife, will linger in your musical memory as well.

    V.I.E.W. Video is proud to present this enhanced DVD program and welcome Grover Washington, Jr. to its roster of jazz greats with a music so lush and soul-stirring that we can see and hear why he is an artist of unyielding endurance.

    Grover Washington, Jr., tenor, alto & soprano sax
    Richard Tee, piano
    Eric Gale, guitar
    Steve Gadd, drums
    Ralph McDonald, percussion
    Anthony Jackson, bass
    Paul Griffin, synthesizer
    Zack Sanders, vocal

    Let It Flow (for Dr. J)
    On The Dark Side (No. 5)
    Make Me A Meory (Sad Samba)
    Just The Two Of Us
    Mister Magic

    Recorded on June 27, 1981 at
    The Schubert Theatre in Philadelphia, Pa.

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