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    Jazzuality.com, created in August, 24, 2007,  is an Indonesian-based website that provides up-to-date news, information, exclusive interviews, articles, artist profiles, in depth concert reports, schedules, album reviews and everything related to the Jazz umbrella. It is written in English to reach more people/readers around the world.

    We do realize that there are not enough spots for jazz artists in Asia to grow and develop their music, especially in South East Asia — one of the main reasons why Jazzuality was born.

    We focus on giving the local / Asian Jazz musicians a venue to introduce themselves to the world, at the same time providing news and information about overseas and International Jazz artists that come from the right source — from the musicians themselves.

    We have learned that it is important to have a strong commitment to loyalty, honesty and trust. We only wish that our readers be aware of the passion and spirit that springs from Jazz music. We look forward to work together in mutual respect with the musicians, wherever they are, and at the same time providing the best Jazz resources for our readers.

    Our vision is to introduce the passion, spirit and life that springs from Jazz music to as many readers and Jazz aficionados in the World Wide Web as possible.

    – To work together professionally, in mutual respect with Jazz artists around the world
    – To introduce and expose Asian Jazz music and its artists worldwide
    – To provide ample space for Jazz artists, local or international, to effectively promote their music in a sophisticated platform
    – To provide good, interesting and reliable sources about Jazz to our readers

    Riandy Kurniawan
    Jazzuality.com [Founder/CEO]

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