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    Just a week ago we got a very sad news about Jazz Break Revival that failed to be held this month, and still uncertain to be still available for months to come. It’s really unfortunate since we have seen how fast jazz grow in Bandung lately, where the contribution ofKlabJazz and its Jazz Break Revival has played a big part. With that in mind, we were afraid that jazz won’t be available regularly in Bandung anymore and that wouldn’t be good for the jazz development in this city. But then we received the news from Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the coordinator of KlabJazz that we have found a new home for jazz with the same spirit just like before.

    Call it Sunday Jazz, as the result of mutual collaboration betweenKlabJazz and Potluck Cofeebar and Gallery. And we are happy with it, because Sunday should be the best time to listen to jazz, where we are usually enjoying our relaxing time with family and friends. It would make our relaxing Sunday even better. This was the premiere edition of Sunday Jazz, held at the cozy venue, Potluck Coffeebar and Library. Just reappeared after a renovation process, Potluck brought back the jazz concept that once colored them up. In 2007 they had collaborated with KlabJazz with series of live events, but then it was stopped. Now since they are back again, the new concept is back with jazz as the main course. “It’s been jazz all these times..” says Lucille G Husaen, the General Manager of Potluck. “As we are targetting the active segment amongst 25 years old and up, we think jazz would be perfect to fill up our “homey and relaxing” concept.” she continues. It definitely fits their new tagline, “My kind of Life. Positive” as well. Ever since they reopened, series of regular jazz has been served in this cafe that also combines with books and music. There are 3 days at least where you can enjoy your relaxing moment with jazz at Potluck. On Wednesday and Thursday starting from 5:00 pm as Afternoon Jazz, and also every Sunday morning starting from 11:00 am as Sunday Jazz Brunch, featuring the cool pop jazz/groove band, De’Natu. So if you are in Bandung and need some spice of jazz to cool you up, just make sure you reach this homey and cozy cafe.

    Here’s another good news. We got the return of Bayu and Tesla that has been gone for quite sometimes for different activities. Bayu was said to be retired from the music for a while due to his new job at a bank. But his passion seems unstoppable, as now in holiday he could play again with his long time partner, Tesla. And here, we have the duo back again on stage.

    Bayu and Tesla is the dynamic duo that always know how to stun their audiences with their music. We met them for the first time at Jazz Ramadhan two years ago at Padjadjaran University. At that time this duo was just formed, but still we had felt the strong chemistry between them. We even made an interview with them right after their stage performance. (Check out the exclusive interview with Bayu and Tesla, taken on September 2008).  Since then they have performed in many stages, big or small, including their performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2009. Appearing as a duo is certainly not easy, because they have to keep their unison using two instruments while playing the high degree of difficulty compositions. They have to keep their concentration so they won’t leave a blank space from the beginning to the end. That’s the challenge, but they surely know how to do it. Look at their rendition of Chick Corea’s “Spain” for example. It’s unforgettable.
    This duo consists of Bayu Kristanto who also active in Buy 3 Get 4, the runner up group of 2008 Jazz Goes to Campus competition among some other projects of his own. While Tesla is currently active raising his G/E/T, a group of three that soon will launch their debut album. Combining two of Bandung’s best young talents together as a unit will definately bring something special, especially when they already understand each other so well. Bayu and Tesla is always a promising group.

    The rain poured hard when we arrived at Potluck. Sunday Jazz Brunch with De’Natu was still on with pop jazz as their menu. Then it was time for Bayu and Tesla to get ready. After a brief introduction by Dwi Cahya Yuniman, Bayu and Tesla started to play. They opened with Chick Corea’s “Armando’s Rhumba”. And we directly felt the magical collaboration between just two instruments, keyboard and guitar. Tesla’s written song for his band G/E/T was next, it’s called“Migraine”. The good example of their sweet chemistry was shown in the next song, a jazz standard “Stella By Starlight”. A Charlie Parker classic was next, the F major blues “Billie’s Bounce”. They continued with a tender composition of Tesla entitled “Postpone”. This song was successfully brought our mod to be more relaxed. And then they brought the classic Chick Corea’s “Spain”. Tesla showed how fast his fingers could run along the fret. It was absolutely magic. For the last song they brought one of the famous Indonesian song, it was Kahitna’s “Takkan Terganti”. Some of the audiences even sang the song with their instrumental playing.
    It’s been a lovely afternoon for the jazz lovers who came to the Sunday Jazz. A lovely performance by Bayu and Tesla served at the cozy cafe has simply turn this Sunday better than before. We are delighted to see that jazz has found a perfect new place as its home, and we hope it will keep on rolling month after month. May the spirit of Bandung jazz never die. We thanks KlabJazz, Potluck Coffeebar and Library, and everybody else behind the Sunday Jazz. Can’t wait to see the next edition. Bring it on guys!

    SOURCE:Sunday Jazz featuring Bayu + Tesla @ Potluck Coffee Bar & Library

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